Keep Your Cat Entertained and Happy at Home

The hardest part of having a cat at home is how to keep them entertained and happy. This article is for those who have active cats who seem never run out of energy. Cats are naturally wild in nature but they can be domesticated and trained to live indoors. Keep your cat entertained and happy with these simple tips.

Scratch Posts will Save Your Furniture

Cats love to scratch things. Many find them annoying, however; they should not be blamed for having that in their nature. If you have to constantly need to repair your wooden furniture, replace your sofa, and clean up broken furniture, it means that you have a bored cat. These signs should not be ignored as they could escalate to behavioural issue if not tended to. You can fix this problem by building your cat a scratch post. You can buy or make them yourself.

Don’t Throw Away Empty Boxes

We all know that cats love to have a safe haven where they can have some privacy. It’s the ematching of their DNA. It’s maddening when your cat is nowhere to be found. Sometimes they hide to the most inconvenient places such as cabinets. A simple solution to this problem is empty boxes. It won’t cost you money. Sometimes expensive doesn’t mean to be effective all the time.

Get Some Interactive Toys

The most effective way to drain a cat’s boundless energy is to play with them. Play with your cat when you have the time. Interactive toys like cat wands and laser pointer are all-time favourites.

No to Over Petting

Overstimulating can cause cat irritability. Petting needs depend on the cat breed. There are cat breeds who loved to be pet all day and not get irritated at all. There are breeds that if you pet them for more than 5 minutes, they’ll go psycho. Considering the cat breed when you are in the decision-making phase is really important. Victoria Milan the love guru says, ”choose a partner who can jive with your personality”.