Find The Perfect Cat Breed For You

Finding the right breed is like finding your perfect date from edarling dating site. Our Creator is so amazing. He created every species having their own uniqueness to offer. Adopting a cat is a life changing decision. Find the best cat breed for you. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, there is a perfect cat for your personality.

The Girly Type

If you are the girly type who likes to decorate your pet with a lot of accessories, then the long-haired breed is for you. You can care for their long locks and pony them if you like. Long haired breed cats are quite high maintenance, but they are enticing and fluffy to look at. They are like the squishy pillow you want to hug as soon as you get home. They are also notorious of having the Garfield attitude. You can shout using different languages, come here, ven aqui, venez ici, but they will just stare blankly at you. One thing for sure, you just can’t get mad of them when they do that because they are too adorable. The girly type breeds you should look for are Persian, Rag Doll, Maine Coon, and Norwegian Forest Cat.

Easy-Going Breed Type

When you don’t have time for high-maintenance cats, don’t worry. There are breeds that are perfect for you. For easy-going owners, the perfect breed will be medium to short-haired cats. These breeds don’t require too much attention to grooming. They are also smart and independent. Het beste voorbeeld of these breeds are Abyssinian, American Curl, Bombay Cat, and Siamese.

Intense Energy Breed Type

There are owners who like their cats active. If you need a cat to chase after the rats, these cats are all you need. Breeds that have intense energy are the Tonkinese, Devon Rex, and American Bobtail. Be warned that these cats are super smart. They know where the treats are. Their energy increases especially when they are in heat. Don’t be surprised if they are browsing Parship dating app that means they are looking for a partner. If you think that your cat is already enough for the energy you have left, get her spayed.