Common Cat Behavioral Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

When you and you’re cat are in a war zone, don’t leave her behind. Cat behavioral issues happen to 6 out of 10 cats. When these issues happen to your cat, don’t ignore them. They could be signs of a medical condition. If you are in the verge of giving up, don’t surrender. Your cat is a true friend. You should never leave a true friend behind.

Irritability and Lack of Affection

This behavioral issue is quite the hardest. It feels like that your cat is walking away and not turning back. You miss those old times when she was sweeter and affectionate. It’s a heavy feeling that a cat owner go through during this dark time. Try to bridge the gap by spending time with her. If your cat refuses to be pet, play with her instead. If you have tried everything and nothing is working, consult an expert to examine your cat. Your cat might have a health condition that’s causing this unusual behavior.

Sudden Change of Litter Habits

Cats are hygenic animals. They want to be clean. They bathe themselves by licking their fur. Cats have habits to keep them tidy all the time. They know where to relieve themselves and even bury the traces of their waste. If there is a sudden change of litter habits, check if your cat’s litter box is clean. Cats will usually find a cleaner spot to relieved themselves. But if the litter box is squeaky clean, then your cat might be suffering from unirary tract infection. Take her to the vet to validate your findings.

Annoying Scratching and Hyperactiveness

This is the most common issues in cats. Luckily, this is the easiest to solve too. But if you do nothing about it, you’ll end up with more broken furniture in your household. Not only that, your cat might develop aggression and other unpleasant behavioral issues. Provide your cat an environment where she can move and play around. Make a scratch post or buy one. It also helps to keep them preoccuppied with toys.