Meow-Friendly Foundation

Cats are adorable beings. Behind their cute appearance, is a soul that needs nurturing. Katten Jungle is a meow-friendly foundation that adapts stray cats from the streets. It’s devastating to see the conditions of these cats before they were adopted. They were malnourished, wounded, and infected with parasites. We are appalled that no one took notice of them. They were forgotten by society. Upon realizing these things, Katten Jungle was born.

The Challenge of Katten Jungle

The establishment of Katten Jungle was not smooth at all. Imagine you are in a shelter surrounded by stray cats with attitude problems. It was a beautiful mess, more of like, a chaos. Cats are like humans in a way, they go through the adaptation period. The harshness of their lives in the streets put a toll on them. They hate humans because they were abused by them. The lovely people of Katten Jungle gave every drop of sweat they can to turn things around. Eventually, cats in the shelter became more responsive and realized that not all humans are the same.

Introducing Them to Their New Home

As much as Katten Jungle wants to keep all of them, these cats need to find a family who will treat them with kindness. The goal is to adopt more cats until the streets are free from unwanted cats. Katten Jungle will keep the cats until they are healthy, free from skin infections, and of course when these cats finally learn to love humans. We ensure that they are well enough to live with a family so that they will live in harmony.

Life After Shelter

After Katten Jungle released them to their new homes, we visit them from time to time. We make sure that they are doing well with their new family. Besides, we miss them too. It’s quite hard to let them go but we have to focus on the goal. What we can do at least, is to make sure that they are living a good life after the shelter. Sometimes, Katten Jungle will still get calls from their new owners to ask some questions regarding their cat. Katten Jungle is so pleased to know that their new owners care so much about them. It’s so good to know that these cats found their second love, of course, their first love is us. Katten Jungle will always be available to guide new owners on how to take care of their cats.

Sharing is Caring

If you love cats, well you’re not alone. There are millions of cat lovers around the globe, ready to support your cause. Sharing is caring. When you see injustice in a society, is it right to keep your mouth shut? No, hoping for things to change is not right. Help Katten Jungle to save more cats. Share the word to everyone even to the people in a dating site. There’s no need for targeting a certain audience because cats are lovable. The online world loves them already.